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Welcome to Shin-Osaka Leaders Toastmasters Club!

We are enthusiastic about improving our public speaking and leadership skills. We aim to have efficient and productive meetings in a supportive atmosphere. We give feedback to each other to hone our skills.

If you are serious about being a better communicator and leader, you've come to the right place!




We meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. For further information, click here.


* Guests are welcome free of charge. (First 3 visits) (ゲストは3回まで無料。)

Note: We are currently not accepting membership applications. This will continue at least until the end of June. It has been a tough decision, but members agreed that it is necessary to focus on improving member experience for existing members. This does not mean, however, we are not welcoming guests. Guests are always welcome to join our meetings. We appreciate your understanding and waiting for us to be ready to welcome new members.


Be a better communicator

Be a better communicator by taking various meeting roles. 


We have Table Topics, Prepared Speech, and Evaluation sessions in our meetings.
ミーティングには、Table Topics、Prepared Speech、Evaluationの3つのセッション。

In Prepared Speech, learn how to communicate your message effectively.

Prepared Speechでは、メッセージを効果的に伝える方法を学びます。

In Table Topics, learn how to deliver your message off the cuff.

Table Topicsでは、即興でメッセージを効果的に伝える方法を学びます。

In Evaluation, learn how to provide constructive feedback.


For more information about our meetings, click


For more details about each meeting role, click


Be a better leader

Learn how to be a better leader by serving as a club officer and taking roles at the meetings.


A Toastmasters club is mainly run by seven officers. Every year, new officers are elected in May and serve from July to the following June.


For more information about officer roles, click 


New member fee: 3,000 yen 入会金:3,000円

Including the registration fee of $20 for Toastmasters International (TI), which covers the purchase of your first path of the educational program, Pathways.


Membership dues: 9,000 yen per every six months  会費:9,000円(6カ月ごと)

Including $45 for the TI membership due.


* Guests are welcome free of charge for the first 3 visits. (ゲストは3回まで無料。)

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